Why Am I Feeling Old?

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Do you feel like the weight of gravity is setting in? You keep telling yourself, that you’re too young to feel old, but your aching muscles, sore joints, and decreased energy tell you otherwise.

What are some key factors to feeling old?

  • Oxidative stress from diets high in sugar and processed foods
  • Inflammation from diets high in hydrogenated oils
  • Raised cortisol levels from poorly managed stress
  • Overuse of prescription drugs
  • Dehydration and large amounts of soda consumption
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Low thyroid function
  • Hormone imbalances

While life expectancy for humans has increased, for many individuals the quality of life has decreased. According to the World Health Organization, the United States ranks 37th in the world when it comes to overall health.1 More Americans are experiencing obesity, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Surprisingly, women in other countries do not suffer from symptoms of hormonal imbalance to the extent that American women experience PMS, endometriosis, fibroid tumors and menopausal symptoms.

Why do Americans suffer more from health ailments? A key factor is found within hormonal imbalances. For women, an extremely common hormone imbalance is “estrogen-dominance.”


Severe symptoms of menopause, PMS, heavy menstrual bleeding, and endometriosis, as well as the progression of fibroid tumors and cancer, can all be related to estrogen-dominance.2,3,4Estrogen is a primary hormone found in men and women. While it is necessary for cardiovascular health, reproduction, bone development, and cognitive function, an excessive amount of estrogen can cause health problems.

How does estrogen-dominance develop? Obesity can be a major factor in estrogen-dominance, as estrone (a form of estrogen) is stored in fat cells.5 Another source can be found in compounds known as PCBs, BPAs, and Phthalates.6 These materials contain xenoestrogens (estrogen-like chemicals) that can be found in plastics, petroleum-based products, and household cleaning supplies. Xenoestrogens can also be found in herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides that are used on our food supply. These compounds can cause significant health ailments, including estrogen-related cancers.7 The high-fat, western diet that is based on refined, processed foods and saturated animal fats can also contribute to estrogen-dominance.8

While obese men store more estrone, they typically aren’t affected with estrogen-dominance. However, men can experience testosterone deficiency as they age, which can lead to increased body fat, low libido, mood imbalances, fatigue, and cardiovascular ailments.9

If you have concerns about hormone imbalances, you can check your hormone levels with simple blood tests. A hormone imbalance or deficiency can be safely and effectively treated with bioidentical hormone replacement. Maintaining healthy hormone levels can help restrain significant health problems, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, depression, and menopausal symptoms.10,11,12


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