The Truth Is In The Numbers (BHRT For Men)

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Are you tired, irritable, having trouble sleeping? Depressed Anxious? Skin drying, suddenly gaining weight when diet and exercise haven't changed, and libido lagging? These questions aren't for women. They are for men. Bioidentical hormone therapy and testosterone therapy is available in Bend for men.

Men have as many issues with hormones as women, they have the same symptoms, but  it isn't talked about as much. It's truly unfortunate because men can benefit as much from education and bio-identical hormone therapy too.

First, men need to understand that they have more hormones than testosterone. Secondly, they need to understand that testosterone is important for overall heath, not just sexual function.

As I evaluate men's health, i pay attention to five hormone functions: thyroid, insulin, testosterone, cortisol, human growth hormone and DHEA. All combined they regulate a man's health and body function. Unfortunately, men don't have a monthly 'report card' like women do, so it's less clear when something or a combination of things is off track.  

While women often initially cite emotional and psychological concerns like feeling anxious and depressed, men zero in on physical issues like middle-aged bulge, lack of energy or increases healing time after a minor injury. Men notice that their physical performance has changed, often they think they need to tough it out, but it's more than enough reason to seek out some medical advise. 

This is something that women can be very sensitive to, perhaps suggesting men in their lives to see a doctor. If a woman is changing metabolically, she can assume her male partner is too. It is not uncommon for a man in his 40's and 50's to see a significant drop in his production of testosterone, or see the thyroid function falter. Both result in symptoms like fatigue, being short-tempered, drying of skin and a vague sense of depression. But many men don't seek help until sexual function is involved. That's a man's 'report card'. 

Once trouble with the prostate is ruled out, that's when I as a specialist in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can have a candid and comprehensive conversation about hormone balance and overall health. It's all about goals with men once the labs are in and the numbers are on the table, most men are very willing to talk about diet exercise and treatments. Most often, they zero in on testosterone, and while improving intimacy is an important goal, hormonal balance is critical in protecting against heart disease and bone loss too. The first goal is to get the thyroid functioning at optimum levels, this gland is the traffic cop for any body, it has to be functioning well for other systems to work as they should. With that done, testosterone in the form of creams and injections can be considered. Bringing those levels up can significantly change how a man is feeling, both physically and emotionally. They will also see an increase in energy, brighter looking skin and better moods, The same feeling women experience when they are correctly balanced.

Many men are feeling the benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Brust @ Preventative Medicine Clinic in Bend is a specialist in this area. However, don't assume that testosterone is an easy fix. It requires consultations with the prescribing physician frequently, and having labs drawn at least twice a year, as testosterone is a controlled substance. Also don't confuse hormonal balance with anabolic steroids, each have different goals, different dosages and different results. It's best to focus on feeling your best regardless of your age. Men shouldn't avoid the conversation, they should feel comfortable in seeking out options.  Testosterone is supplemented in a variety of forms: hormone pellets, creams, gels, and intramuscular injections.  To find out if this therapy is right for you, please contact Preventative Medicine Clinic in Bend @ 541-383-3424.


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