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Progesterone is a hormone produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands, and it functions to balance the effects of estrogen. Natural progesterone enhances the action of estrogen, as these hormones work together to maintain a normal hormone balance. A lack of progesterone causes disease processes similar to those caused by a deficiency of estrogen. They include osteoporosis, heart disease, decrease in libido, and a significantly diminished quality of life. The combination of natural progesterone and estrogen can prevent this downward spiral by keeping women vital, strong, and healthy.

The ovaries begin producing progesterone around puberty, and the monthly ebb and flow of this hormone, in harmony with estrogen and other hormones, continues until menopause. Progesterone’s primary role during this moment is to help make the uterus ready for implantation of a new embryo, the first major event – after fertilization of the egg – in the nine months of human gestation. If the egg is not fertilized, progesterone production temporarily ceases, and the uterus sheds its endometrial lining.

Benefits of Progesterone Replacement

  • Precursor to the sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone)1
  • Maintains uterine lining2
  • Promotes the survival of the embryo and fetus throughout gestation3-5
  • Supports hormonal balance supporting breast tissue against fibrocystic breasts6
  • Natural diuretic7
  • Supports healthy moods by itself and when balanced with other hormones8-14
  • Aids thyroid hormone action15-18
  • Supports healthy blood clotting19-21
  • Supports a healthy brain and neuroplasticity22-28
  • Helps healthy blood sugar levels29-34
  • Protects against abnormal cell development in the endometrium and breast tissue35-40
  • Sustains strong bones41-43

Side Effects

There are no side effects associated with natural progesterone. However, women who are estrogen-dominant may experience premenstrual mood swings, depression, breast swelling, heavy or irregular periods, and sleep disturbances. If a dose of progesterone is missed, a woman may experience menstrual bleeding.


Natural progesterone comes in many forms, most commonly a topical cream, an oral capsule, and a sublingual tablet. Progesterone’s half-life is approximately eight hours, which results in the need to take natural progesterone twice a day. Progesterone levels should be measured by a physician to ensure levels are in a therapeutic range.


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